Luke Bazuk

Sales Representative


My name is Luke Bazuk and I am happily married to my wife Megan. We have two daughters, Quinn and Rhys. My wife and I were both born and raised in Barrie and chose to settle here so that our children could also grow up in this amazing community. We enjoy cottaging in the summer and skiing at Blue Mountain in the winter. I have been a volunteer basketball coach for the Barrie Royals for the past 10 years.

My brother Adam and I have operated a successful mortgage company in Barrie since 2004; Dominion Lending Centres, located at 241 Essa Road.  We are both mortgage brokers and  we have helped thousands of families realize their real estate goals; from first-time home buyers to sophisticated real estate investors and everybody in between, we have been there to assist.  We take a lot of pride in the service we provide to our customers and we feel our clients have appreciated it over the years, seeing that 95% of our new business is either from repeat clients or client referrals.

My brother Adam now runs the mortgage business with my sole focus on taking care of my real estate customers, but the connection is still there and my customers can benefit by way of monthly mortgage savings JUST by working with me and the 5 Points team. Don’t forget to ask me about that!

I am very passionate about real estate and everything that it offers. In 2017, I was rookie of the year for one of Barrie’s largest brokerages. I have personal experience with large renovation projects, home customization’s, FLIPS, buy and hold investment properties and much more. With my extensive background and experience in the real estate market, I will work diligently to get your home sold and to maximize every dollar. I will work closely with you to ensure that I have a clear vision of what features you want in your new home. And, if we can’t find the perfect home, I can show you how to find one that is “close” and turn it into your perfect home with some help from my team of professionals.

In the end, my number one priority is to give you a customer service experience that you will not soon forget and so I look forward to working with you!