5 Points for Buying a Home



If you are actively looking to purchase your next home, in Barrie or surrounding area, you must consider the 5 Points Group to act on your behalf.  Whether you are looking to find your dream home, looking to downsize, purchasing an investment property, or maybe you have your own reason for shopping for a new home, either way it would be a mistake if you didn’t speak with us a 5 Points Group.  Our exceptional customer service and client first approach will lead you to your best real estate transaction.  Purchasing a home is likely the #1 investment you will make in your life, you deserve the best and to be treated with the utmost attention.



In order to be successful you need to have commitment and passion.  At the 5 Points Group, we love what we do and we are focused on the desire to succeed.  How do we measure success?  We measure success through our clients.  We are committed to our clients, we are committed to helping our clients find the perfect home and maximize their hard earned dollars.   Our excitement and energy on each and every transaction is evident by our clients.  We believe that this demonstrates our commitment to our clients and that their interests come first and foremost.



The principals of 5 Points Group, have been in Barrie for a combined 60+ years.  We have been heavily involved in local business for a combined 50+ years.  And we have immersed ourselves in the real estate market for a combined 20+ years.  We are actively involved in the community, giving back to the place we call home, each step of the way.  We know Barrie and we know Real Estate.  Yes, this is extremely important when picking the real estate firm to represent you.  However, our refreshing client first approach, makes us experts in you.  And quite frankly, this is more important than any other stat we can give you.

  • KYC – we will meet to thoroughly understand your wants and needs on your next purchase.  We want to know you, we want to know your family.  We want to understand your home ownership goals, your dreams and your future plans.  We want to know your budget, your must have’s and your no way’s.   All of this helps us to find you your dream home,
  • Research – Our team will gather information on properties that meet your potential needs based on the results of the KYC.  We will research properties by all means necessary, canvassing areas, networking with realtors from Keller Williams Experience, extensive database management, property previews.  Often times the demand for quality properties that fit your needs, is out weighed by the supply of such homes.  These homes are typically off the market before they even hit MLS.  Our extensive research, will help us find you your next purchase often times before it even hits the market.  Our research is individually tailored for your needs.  We don’t stop updating, so that we can ultimately match and eventually pin point the exact property that will be perfect for you.
  • Time and Money – We know that your time is valuable.  Its about saving you time, money and ultimately not missing out on your next home purchase.  We will spend all the time behind the scenes finding properties that match your needs.  We will preview these properties to ensure that they are “as advertised”.  We will book showings when we feel that we have a property or a few properties that could be perfect for you.  When we have      found the “one”, we will negotiate professionally to ensure that you are paying a fair price and that more of your money ends up in your pocket.
  • Pre-Approval – A huge advantage that we have for our clients is our in house mortgage  specialist.  Our mortgage specialist will ensure that you are pre-approved for the maximum purchase price and they will get you the best rate possible.  Our mortgage specialist has adopted the same client first philosophy that we have.  They want you to be able to purchase your dream home and at the same time are conscientious of your money and making sure more of it ends up in your pocket.   Having direct access to your mortgage provider allows us to provide an even greater level of customer service, we can avoid any stressful situations along the way simply by having an office next door.


Sometimes that perfect home just isn’t available.  Or is it? Anyone can check REALTOR.ca to find homes, but the 5 Points Group can look outside the box to make your house hunting experience successful regardless of whats on the market today.  Maybe there are no homes available on the street that your family loves.  We will canvass that street and find a seller that is willing to sell.  Or maybe the street that you love has a home for sale, but it doesn’t meet your families needs, we will work with our financing and contracting partners to show you how we can turn the less desirable home into your dream home.  Often times saving you money and increasing the value of your new home.


Client For Life

At the 5 Points Group, when your house deal closes, the real relationship starts with us.  We will continue to be part of your life for the duration of your home ownership.  We will  provide you with valuable tips and tricks, that will ensure that the value of your home increases during your ownership period.  We will ensure that you are set up financially with the best possible mortgage product at the best possible rates.   And we won’t forget the anniversary date of your big move! You are important to us, and ultimately the #1 way you can show that you had a positive experience would be to refer your family and friends to our award winning team.