Leaves are changing, so is the Fall Real Estate Market

It is a well-known fact that the Spring real estate market is the “prime-time” season for selling your home; the weather is warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom and the grass is growing a bright green. You and a lot of other homeowners believe that your homes are showing as good as they ever will during this time.

We are here to tell you that it’s true, the Spring market is the best! But, the Fall real estate market can be equally rewarding, and with a little care and attention your home can show better now than it did this Spring.

So, before you decide to wait till the Spring to sell, read the 5 Points to selling your home in the Fall.

Serious Buyers

The Fall brings buyers to the market that are motivated and ready to make offers.  The demand for homes has remained strong and there is no indication this will change. We aren’t dealing with “tire kickers”, who have an abundance of inventory in the Spring to choose from. Today’s buyer is ready and looking to be in their new home and settled before the holiday season kicks off in December.

Home Improvements are out of the way

Like most homeowners, we take the time during July and August and we tackle our todo list with a vengeance. Maybe your list is empty (yeah right!) and your home is in fact better suited to be listed today, rather than after the harsh winter months when projects typically go unattended and new issues arise. 

Fall Curb Appeal

There is no doubt that your property looks great in the Spring months. However, the natural beauty of the fall colours will make your home stand out, and look  stunning when captured on camera. The nature that surrounds a property can provide some amazing real estate photos, potential buyers will not only seeing the value in the home but also the value in the property the home sits on. On top of this, fall flowers can be bright, vibrant and stand out for buyers to enjoy. It may require a little more time and effort to properly showcase your property in the fall, but it is well worth it.

All Eyes on Your Listing

The demand is high, and the supply is currently low. What this means is that your house will be on display for all buyers. In the Spring season inventory is high, buyers generally have multiple properties that they are interested in; whereas in the Fall when inventory is low, buyers are willing to fight over that one perfect property they’ve been searching so long for. Maybe you get lucky and end up with buyers competing for your home!

The Time is Now

Your family has decided to move. The question is do you do it now, or do you wait? You need to weigh the potential financial gain by waiting until the spring versus the losses your family will endure staying put over the winter.  I can’t answer those questions for you, but I can tell you that by listing today and starting to live the life you want to live, will likely be the best decision you could make.

You know the reasons why you want to move, and now you know the reasons why selling in the Fall is a great choice.  Don’t let the changing leaves, change your mind on selling your home!

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