Is Your Home Winter Ready?

Is Your Home Winter Ready?

Before you know it, you will be tearing apart your garage apart in search for a snow shovel and praying for spring to arrive. Why not get ahead of the always-exhausting snowy season this year? Start by following our 5 tips for preparing your home for brutal Canadian winter…

Window Caulking

Inspect all windows and doors for leaks.

Over the summer months, the sealant around the doors and windows in your home can crack and produce chilly drafts. Get ahead of this by completing a manual inspection of all possible air leaks in your home; one small crack on a window or door seal could result in you paying more to heat your home! Now remember, a small draft should not cost you a lot to fix, your local hardware store will sell sealant and all the tools you need to quickly cover a hole or crack.

Clean out your gutters.

After the fall, gutters are always full of leaves, twigs and other junk that could cause damage once the winter weather arrives! Save yourself the headache and clean them out. When the thaw begins, water will travel through your clean eaves-troughs with ease, then you’ll be thanking us! Just remember to be careful on that ladder…

Frozen Tap

Turn off any faucets outside.

Before the temperature starts dipping below zero, it is a good idea to locate the interior water shut-off valves and turn off all water lines that lead to the exterior of your home; once shut off, open each exterior faucet to drain the excess water. While you are draining your water lines, you should also remove any hoses from outside taps and drain the water; store the empty hoses in a warm, dry place over the winter to keep them from being damaged by the harsh weather.

Check that all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order.

As we stated in our previous blog post, it is extremely important to have your furnace inspected and cleaned prior to the winter months; a simple crack in your heating coil could be deadly. It is also recommended that you manually check each smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector, replace the batteries and hold down on the “TEST” button until you hear the beep. Now you have done everything you can do to ensure you and your family will be safe from fires and carbon monoxide this winter.

Clean Garage

Clean out that garage!

Garages usually receive the most neglect during the winter season, so before your garage becomes the victim of procrastination; clean it out! Start by moving all loose items onto your driveway, and before you put everything back where it is supposed to go; tackle the garage floor! It is important to clean the foundation of your garage prior to the below-zero temperatures, dirt and water can work their way into tiny cracks in the concrete and can turn a small crack into a big problem. Once you have cleansed your garage floor, organize whatever had to be removed in order to clean and remember to leave enough room for your car(s)!

When the snow hits…..

Stay tuned for our Winter Maintenance blog post that will be released once the snow hits; in the meantime, here are 5 quick tips for keeping your home in shape during the upcoming winter season:

  • Keep your foundation walls clear of snow

  • Shovel the roof

  • Clear snow and ice from all exterior vents and air intakes

  • Don’t forget to buy de-icer!

  • Have a survival kit on hand 

The Canadian winter is no joke, stay ahead of it this year by following the 5 Points Group Blog; we promise to keep you well informed and updated on all things HOME.

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