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5 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall Season

The Fall market can be a very rewarding time for your home to hit the market. Like any other season, there are a few things that we feel will aid in the successful sale of your home. These 5 tips are sure to make your house standout from the neighbors.

Tip #1: Take Advantage of the Fall Curb Appeal

There is a great opportunity to create an inviting entrance to your home in the fall season, take advantage of the autumn tradition and use some pumpkins and other seasonal items to decorate the doorway. Also, make those charming, colourful trees pop out with some fall-hued foliage – sunflowers, mums, and asters are all beautiful autumn flowers that will help create an inviting home this fall. Finally, keep your lawn raked and maintained; a green yard will really help the fall accents stand out!

Welcoming Exterior
Cozy interior

Tip #2: Spruce up the Interior with Fall Colours

Now that the exterior of your home is decked-out with fall colours, it’s time to take that theme inside! Creating a warm, cozy experience for potential buyers is very important; you need to ensure to the buyer that your home will be comfortable during the frigid Canadian winter. To further the feeling of coziness in your home use warm colours and add some extra throw pillows or thick blankets to help the viewer visualize that great feeling of warmth on a cold day.


Tip #3: Prepare your Home for the Winter!

When was the last time you had your furnace inspected? Cleaned? Don’t put it off! Fall buyers want a home that is ready for the upcoming winter season, and the best way to ensure your buyers that your home is ready is to have the furnace inspected and cleaned. Now that your furnace is clean and ready, use it to help create that warm, cozy space we are all looking for on a cold day. A good tip is to turn the heat on an hour before a showing, viewers will be walking into a nice, warm home and won’t want to leave; and if you have a fireplace, use it!

Furnace Inspection
Fall Back

Tip #4: Try to be Available for Showings During Daylight Hours

Daylight savings is still a few weeks away, meaning the days are shorter and viewers want to see your home during daylight hours. Be prepared to have the majority of your showings during the day, and if you do have any showings in the darker hours of the day make sure to turn on the lights to brighten up your home. The best thing you can do as a seller is to make your home available as often as possible, denying showing requests can negatively impact the potential buyer’s general feeling about your home; stay flexible!


Tip #5: Adapt to the Buyer Demographic

The buyer demographic during the fall months is completely different from the buyer demographic in the warmer months; this season primarily brings 2 types of buyers: millenials and empty-nesters. The better you appeal to the current demographic the faster your home will sell; but first you have to understand what fall buyers want. Here’s what millennials want:

  • Open floor concept
  • Home office space
  • Energy efficient homes

And here’s what empty-nesters are looking for:

  • Looking to downsize
  • Less maintenance & upkeep
  • Guest bedroom for their visiting children

Now that you know what the current demographic is looking for, you should stage your home appropriately to attract the right buyer! At the 5 Points Group, we recommend that you have our Stager come check out your home for some added tips and tricks to prepare your house.

The rush is on, buyers want and or need to be in their new home before the holiday season.  The market is hot, homes are selling faster. Follow our simple 5 tips and make sure you are not losing out on a Buyer who is ready to make an offer. Do you want a one on one consultation? Message or call us today and we would be happy to give you some advice!

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